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Montclair Masonry & Concrete Pros are a locally owned and operated concrete business. We are licensed, bonded, insured and proud of it. Our team of professionals, with over 10 years of experience, has the knowledge, skills and dedication to do it right and to exceed your expectations. At Montclair Masonry & Concrete Pros, we take the time to listen to your needs, concerns, and ideas. 

We can create a custom pattern using our equipment, or simply provide a color of your choice. We work on many different materials, and we are very flexible. For example, if you don’t want to use a specific material, we will work with you to ensure that you are happy with the finished product.

We offer a wide variety of home improvement projects, including but not limited to driveway construction, sidewalks, patio installation, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, pool decks, concrete counter tops, garage floors, garage door repair and replacement, and much more.

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We provide both concrete and asphalt services for commercial and residential applications. The majority of our work is done on residential projects; however, we also do work on industrial sites, schools, hospitals, public works, and private driveways. Our projects range in size from residential patios to multi-story parking garages. Our project portfolio consists of both new construction and rehabilitation work.

What Is The Best Way To Apply A Stamp To The Concrete?

It is recommended to use a block-style stamp. You can use either wood or plastic. Wooden stamps are preferred because they tend to hold their shape better than the plastic ones. Also, wooden stamps work better when you need to stamp a large area.

Plastic stamp are good if you want to stamp a small area. When using a block-style stamp, it is important to put a little bit of water on the stamp before you apply it to the concrete. If the concrete is too dry, the concrete can stick to the stamp, which can make it difficult to remove the stamp.

It takes around 1/4 of an inch of concrete to get a nice, professional look. To apply the stamp, first make sure the concrete is wet and apply the stamp to the wet concrete. Make sure that the bottom of the stamp contacts the concrete. Wait for the stamp to set for 5 to 10 minutes. After the stamp has dried, you can smooth it out with a trowel.

After applying the stamp, you will need to allow it to cure for 24 hours. When the concrete cures, you should see the following results:

• The concrete should be even and flat.

• There should be no cracks.

• The edges of the stamped concrete should blend in with the rest of the concrete.

• The concrete should be hard enough to hold up to the weight of people walking on it.

Why Should You Use Stamped Concrete

Here are the reasons that you should try this.

1. You can create any design that you want.

2. It will add a new and modern look to your house.

3. It will provide extra grip and strength to your driveway and walkways.

4. It will add more value to your home.

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5. It is easy to clean and maintain.

6. It is the eco-friendly option.

7. It will provide a good look to your garden.

8. You can make a variety of patterns like geometric designs, animal designs and flower designs.

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We will work closely with you throughout the entire process. We offer top notch services at great prices. Our professional staff will help you plan your project from start to finish. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and quality. We know our customers count on us every day and we want them to be 100% satisfied with their home improvement projects. We are committed to ensuring you are satisfied, whether you are a contractor or a homeowner. Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

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