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Montclair Masonry and Concrete Pros is the reliable masonry company offering the most credible masonry and concrete service in Montclair, New Jersey. We are a leading provider of masonry services across the broader area! If you live in a brick home, you would need masonry service at one point, yet, you don’t need to live in a brick home before you need masonry work or service. You might need to construct or build a chimney, walkways, or step.

We offer superior services and specialize in all masonry services such as masonry repair, new installations, flooring, interiors and exteriors, stonework, retaining walls, patios and outdoor living spaces, walkways, chimneys, fireplaces, mantles, and brickwork. No matter the masonry service you need, New Jersey Masonry and Concrete Pros is perfect for your masonry services.

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Masonry Repair

Bricks are amazing materials, but one of their greatest strengths can also be their weakness. They hold water, are porous, and can expand, contract, flake, crack, and break. This is a reason why chimneys and aging brickwork can be susceptible to damage caused by water. A lot of these damages affect the durability and longevity of brick structures and sometimes it’s just superficial.

Masonry damage is usually slow and slightly noticeable. Most times, the damage is not noticed till it becomes serious. Notwithstanding the time you see any masonry repair, it is advised that you contact a professional masonry service for the repair. If you have brick work, stone work, or concrete work that looks worse for wear, give us a call to assess it and repair it. Masonry repair is a lot cheaper than masonry installation and often the solution can be quick, easy, and painless!

New Installations

New masonry installations can range from any type of stone work, brickwork, veneers, flooring, and more. Whatever your needs and goals are, we’ll do our best to get a clear vision on what you want to accomplish and accomplish it exactly. Our team applies skills, experience, knowledge, and dedication to beat expectations. Nobody delivers the same amount of value we do for the same prices, and we’ll work hard to win your lifelong business.

Flooring – It goes without saying how impactful your floors are to the comfort and luxury of your home, and masonry flooring options are vast and varied. From stones, to bricks, to pavers, and more, you have hundreds of options of materials, styles and more. We can help guide you in your process by presenting affordable options that will fit your goals and make your floors amazing.

Interiors & Exteriors – When people think of masonry contractors they often imagine the bricklayer outside laying a brick wall. The truth is more than that! We work inside and outside homes and businesses to bring the feeling of quality, comfort, and luxury to designs using brickwork, stonework, veneers, and so much more. No matter how large or small your project and requirement are, Montclair Masonry and Concrete Pros guarantees you the quality of service we’re known for. If you want masonry elements incorporated into your interior or exterior, look no farther! Give us a call today for your complimentary consult.

Stonework – Everyone loves a custom look; stonework brings the grandeur of nature to your home. Give your home a nice look with earth’s stones– granite, fieldstone, or brick. Every stone is handcrafted to a style of your choice. Our team’s stonework will impress anyone and make your home or business stand out to visitors in a way most can’t. We offer a variety of styles as well so there’s always the right choice for you.

Retaining Walls – Retaining walls can be a combination of stylistic design as well as necessary function. Whether you’re building a terrace outside your home, preventing run off/erosion, or something else, our retaining walls will serve the complete function you need while looking great and adding to your home or business’s design.

Patios & Outdoor Living Spaces – As people seek to spend more and more time outdoors, they need a place to spend it! We create stunning outdoor living spaces and patios with our masonry services for you and your loved ones to relax, meditate, read, or even party. Aside from patios, you can extend your living space to outdoor fireplaces to keep you and your family cozy as you relax and stare at the sky. You can also extend your living space to an appealing outdoor kitchen. This would create precious moments and memories, make you happy and safe, and it’s a great way to increase your home value. If you’re looking at patios and outdoor living spaces for your commercial location, then great! Your customers will love it.

Walkways – Improve your home appeal, and make your yard as beautiful as other features of your home– new walkways and steps can do the magic. We design and construct paver walkways or custom stone steps or walkways. We can handle projects of any size, and we are happy to improve your home functionality and glamor on a budget. Contact us today.

Chimneys – Do you need a new chimney? Our chimney designs add elegance and exterior glamor; our team fortifies chimneys to withstand fierce weather conditions and exposures. What if you need a repair on your chimney? We are the right fit. We employ modern techniques and effective mastery to bring your chimney back to life. Contact us for your chimney repair or chimney installation.

Fireplaces – Finding the right masonry company to design and build you a fireplace could be difficult. Fortunately, our team is renowned for its fantastic work on fireplaces. Contact us today to own and enjoy your well-designed, beautiful, and functional fireplace.

Mantles – A beautiful mantle is like the crown and frame for your fireplace. It can define the entire room the fireplace is set in, or, if you don’t have a fireplace at all, you can simply have a mantel under your TV. Mantle design and installation is another primary service we provide. Mantles add elegance and increase the home value. Contact us today and choose a variety of high-quality designs, from custom-made wood mantles to architectural cast stone mantels.

Brickwork – Brickwork is still a highly reliable form of construction. From floors to walls to steps and so many other elements, bricks have proven themselves to be an excellent choice in many situations. If you’re looking at getting brickwork done, give us a call today to discuss it. Bricks are strong, but they must be laid properly in order to benefit from it. Otherwise they crack, wear down early, and all come tumbling down!

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