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Chimney Repair

We are your chimney repair experts! We can provide chimney repairs for wood and metal chimneys. For years, we have worked on chimney repairs in Montclair, NJ. If you need chimney repair service, we are the only ones you need to contact. We will do the work at a great price. We use top quality parts and tools. Chimney repair is important because it keeps your chimney system working properly. The first sign of a leaking or damaged chimney system is a decrease in heating efficiency. If left unattended, this can lead to serious damage to your property and belongings. When you choose our team, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best possible chimney repair service.

Residential Chimney Repair

Chimney repair is one of the most common and important repairs for homeowners. When a chimney is damaged, you may notice the smell of smoke or other unpleasant odors. The chimney may also be damaged due to wind erosion. Wind erosion can cause a chimney to collapse or cave in. The best way to prevent chimney damage is to repair your chimney immediately. If you have a cracked or broken chimney, your chimney will not last very long. Your chimney will start to leak or blow apart, and eventually, you will need to replace it.

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Commercial Chimney Repair

A well-maintained chimney protects your home and business from the elements. When the weather gets cold, water can freeze in your chimney and cause it to burst, which can flood your entire house. You don’t want to be away from home when this happens. A well-maintained chimney will help keep your business safe and secure. If your chimney is damaged, you won’t be able to use your fireplace or stove. This can create a safety hazard and a health risk for you and your employees.

Chimney Leak Repair

Chimney leaks are very common, and are caused by rust or other debris that gets into your chimney flue and causes it to deteriorate over time. The water from this leak eventually causes the chimney cap to corrode, which makes it leak.

You may not even notice a chimney leak until it has reached a size large enough to cause significant damage in your home or office. This could be when you experience problems such as flooding, or you begin smelling smoke or noticing a draft.

When you call us, we will inspect your chimney, and if it is leaking, we can fix it in a timely manner. We have the necessary tools and equipment to ensure that we can fix a chimney leak without having to replace the entire chimney. If there is a blockage in your chimney, we will be able to remove this, and make sure that it does not happen again.

Chimney Brick Repair

We’re proud to offer our clients the chimney brick repair services they need to stay safe from chimney fires. We use only the highest quality materials in our work. Your chimney system will stay cool and comfortable, even when it’s summertime! We want to offer chimney brick repair services to anyone who’s in need of them. Our team of professional chimney technicians are fully trained to ensure that you receive quality chimney services at a reasonable price.

Chimney Repointing

Chimney repointing services are effective at preventing your chimney from becoming a safety hazard. Chimneys become dangerous when they are old, cracked, or damaged. These issues can result in fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even explosions. Montclair Masonry & Concrete Pros of Montclair offers chimney repointing services to prevent these problems.

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We use a cutting-edge technique to ensure that your chimney stays strong. Our chimney repointing experts first remove all debris from the chimney’s interior. Then we apply a specialized sealant to ensure that the chimney stays solid. The sealing process ensures that your chimney is safe from leaks, erosion, and deterioration. The sealant also keeps the heat in your chimney.

Chimney Flashing Repair

Chimney flashing is an important part of a house. It keeps your home safe from fires and other hazards. It protects your house from water damage and flooding. It reduces moisture inside the home and prevents mold growth. When it leaks, it can allow moisture into your home. Moisture can rot wood or cause structural issues. 

We repair every type of chimney flashing, including brick, metal, copper, plastic, ceramic, and others. You can trust us to work on your chimney flashing. Don’t let it damage your house and cause flooding. Call us for chimney flashing repair.

Chimney Sweep & Chimney Inspection

When we clean a chimney, we inspect the structure for any damages, cracks, and corrosion. We also check the chimney for draft, flue gas, creosote buildup, and bird nests. Our chimney sweep will also clear out any ash from your chimney. We will sweep the inside of the chimney, as well. You shouldn’t have to pay someone else to do this for you. Your chimney should be cleaned periodically. If your chimney becomes blocked, you may experience dangerous conditions. We can unblock your chimney, prevent future blockages, and even perform a complete chimney rebuild.

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